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When an Aging Parent Needs Care, Where Is the Rest of the Family?

By Mike Endredy | Feb 12, 2018
Caregiver Stress in Apache Junction AZ: Asking for Help

It’s frustrating. It’s like that early morning when no one else in the house is awake, a storm is rolling in, you have to get all the windows closed and check to make sure everything is buttoned-down, but you have no help. As a family caregiver, taking care of an aging parent, you may have…

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The Best Decision as a Stressed Out Caregiver for Mom Is to Rely on Help

By Mike Endredy | Sep 8, 2017
Caregiver Stress in Mesa AZ: Rely on Help

You’re stressed out. In fact, you’ve never been this stressed in your entire life, and you thought this was going to be easy! Your mother needed some help. Maybe she was hospitalized following a minor heart attack or even major surgery. The doctor admonished her to have support ready when she was discharged and you…

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Recognizing the Frustration a Loved One Is Facing as a Family Caregiver

By Mike Endredy | May 2, 2017
Caregiver Stress in Mesa AZ: Recognizing Frustration

It might be your spouse, your sister, or some other family member. This individual is taking care of another elderly or disabled loved one. They are a family caregiver and it might be difficult for you to recognize the stress they’re under, especially if they have a tendency to keep things to themselves. However, most…

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Caring for an Aging Parent Can Create Stress Similar to Divorce

By Mike Endredy | Dec 5, 2016
Caregiver Stress in Mesa AZ: Recognizing Frustration

Caregiver Stress in Gilbert AZ If you’ve gone through a divorce or know someone who has, you’re quite aware of how overwhelming and stressful the situation can be. In some cases, a divorce can be amicable. The couple agrees they weren’t the right fit for one another and part company, splitting their finances and possessions…

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