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Active Lifestyles Pose Unique Safety Issues for Seniors, but Also Improve Safety

By Mike Endredy | Aug 3, 2017
Senior Home Safety in Mesa AZ: Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Staying active is important for people of all ages, but is especially crucial for seniors. By staying active, people are getting some exercise, at the very least, each day. When people reach retirement, they may have wonderful ambitions to travel, go to art galleries, museums, visit with friends and family, and much more. As people…

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Mom Wants to Go Home, but You Know It’s Not Safe

By Valerie Shaw | Feb 15, 2017
Senior Home Safety in Tempe AZ

Senior Home Safety in Tempe AZ You’ve been taking care of your mother for some time. Maybe she was hospitalized or had some other situation where she needed to go to be taking care of. You’ve been the one taking care of her. Or perhaps she’s still at the hospital or nursing home, and is…

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Does Dad Have to Move from That Cluttered House to Be Safe?

By Mike Endredy | Feb 1, 2017
Senior Home Safety in Queen Creek AZ

Senior Home Safety in Queen Creek AZ Your father has been living in the same house for decades. It’s the same house you grew up in, where your father and mother retired, and where they spent a good portion of their Golden Years. Since your mother passed away, your father has been adamant about remaining…

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How Hearing Loss Can Impact Safety for Seniors at Home

By Mike Endredy | Sep 26, 2016

Senior Home Safety in Mesa AZ: When a person is dealing with hearing loss of any degree, it can impact many aspects of their personal life. It can even impact their safety.

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